Fresh vs Frozen Meat - A battle for the ages

frozen vs fresh
frozen vs fresh

Which is fresher? Unfrozen or frozen meat?

Fresh, you say?

And, what makes you say that?

It's a common perception that unfrozen meat is fresher -- heck, we even call it 'fresh' meat. But, what we fail to consider is how soon after processing the meat was frozen.

When you wander the meat department of your local grocer looking for chicken to take home to feed your family, have you considered how long that unfrozen bird has been sitting there? How long did it take from processing, to transport it to your local grocer, then find it's way into that cooler where you dig it out, put it in your cart and then allow it to sit in your fridge until dinner time tomorrow? Is that still fresh?

At Central Park Farms we air-cool our birds, cryogenically vacuum seal them and then they're frozen on site -- They are frozen at the very peak of freshness! By freezing them immediately we know we're providing the freshest and safest meat possible.

Ok, ok, so I know sometimes you need dinner now and don't feel you have time to thaw your meal. Many of our meats are packaged in small portions and most will defrost quickly under cold running water. Or, even better pop it in the fridge in the morning before leaving for work and you'll have a fresh Central Park Farms meal to feed your family in no time.

Kendall ~ The chick behind Central Park Farms