But, why so cheap?


After meeting many new clients in the last 24 hours the reoccurring question on everyone's mind seems to be: But, why so cheap? It has always been a bit mind boggling to me that processed food, food with fancy packaging, high-priced commercials, a never ending list of ingredients I can't pronounce, can be so cheap.

Yet, quality, locally produced, whole foods, often break-the-bank.

Heck, you go to your local big-chain grocer and a commercially produced, whole chicken will cost you $4/lbs. And, I'll save you from my explanation about the conditions many are raised in.

So, in order to feed my family healthy and ethically raised meats I decided to raise my own chickens and pigs. After all, we have the space, and I'm lucky enough to have many years' of experience to tap into along the way.

Now I will admit, I'm a woman who won't take 'no' for an answer. So when I approached my other half Jay with the idea to raise a few birds and a pig or two, he had one requirement -- I needed to be able to sell some to friends and family to offset my costs.

Central Park Farms is not my full time job -- I pay the bills with my career in the corporate world. It's turned into a passion project that allows me to feed my family and meet new people in the Fraser Valley. Plus, farm chores give my step-kids some responsibilities and a way to earn a little money for their bank accounts, which is a bonus in my books.

After speaking with those close to me, I decided if I was going to do this I might as well sell to those in my community too.

Plus, I wanted to support the 100 mile diet that's become so popular -- and deservingly so.

Let Central Park Farms be your affordable provider of delicious chicken and pork in the Fraser Valley because we believe quality doesn't need to break-the-bank!

Kendall ~ The chick behind Central Park Farms