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Why Central Park Farms?

After struggling to get answers on where our food was coming from and how it was being raised we set out to get the answers the only way we could, by raising it ourselves. Now, it’s become our goal to help our community make ethical and sustainable food choices.

We believe raising our animals right and feeding them a high-quality diet leads to the finest meat that you can feel good about feeding to your family. Our meat is free of antibiotics and hormones and our animals are raised in a manner that supports their unique physiological needs.

Having started with our non-GMO fed, free-range chicken in 2015, we soon moved into non-medicated pasture raised pork, followed by eggs from our pasture-raised hens, and new in 2018 our grass-fed and grass-finished Black Angus beef.

We believe in transparency over certifications – You want to know how our animals are raised? We welcome your questions, encourage visits to the farm, and open the doors through our social media. We want you to know the farmers behind your meals.

We’re honoured you choose our family to feed yours!

Not sure where to start or how this all works? We’re here to help!


What Chefs Are Saying About Us!

I love working with Central Park Farms. The transparency that comes when you meet the farmers and know where the food is coming from, it gives you piece of mind to know that you’re supporting top quality honest meat and changing our industrial cycle. Together we can all make the change!
— Trevor Bird, Top Chef Canada, Fable Restaurant & MeatMe
I’m at the farm several times a week, picking up product. I see how invested they are in their farm and in the care they take raising their animals. As for quality and consistency, I use their products in my events, classes, and am proud to partner with them. I would not hesitate to recommend their products!
— Adrian Beaty, Chef, Food from the farm & The Chef Shack
When I first met with Kendall, she welcomed my family to the farm and taught the kids how she raises her animals first hand. I was so impressed by not only the quality of her products but the care she gives to her animals. I knew that I needed to bring them onboard as a supplier at The Observatory.
— Brendan Robson, Executive Chef Grouse Mountain Resorts