Pastured pork is now ready!

Pork Fraser Valley
Pork Fraser Valley

It's Pork-apalooza up in here!

Our most recent round of non-medicated pasture raised pork is back from our very talented butchers -- Bonetti Meats. And, although I might be bias, it's unreal good!

In the past we always sold our pork by the side and although that option is still available we've had many of our loyal poultry customers request we start selling our pork by the cut since not everyone has room for half a hog in their freezer.

As consumers begin to take a closer look at where their food comes from, it's become important to also look at how the food they eat is raised.

At Central Park Farms, our pigs are raised outdoors where they have clean shelter filled with straw to cuddle up in and pasture to run around and interact.

They are non-medicated and fed a balanced diet of fruit, veggies, and grain as we utilize a food waste program with the help of some wonderful like-minded businesses in the lower mainland.

So without further ado, here are some of the cuts currently available.

Bacon Fraser Valley
Bacon Fraser Valley



Back Bacon




Ham Bone-In


Breakfast Sausages


Dinner Sausages


Hot Italian Sausages


Farmer's Sausage


Garlic Sausage 


Spare Ribs 


Smoked Hocks


Pork Bones


Back Fat - Unrendered Lard 


Leaf Fat - Unrendered Lard


Pork Head - Half


Be sure to get your orders in soon... Pork moves fast around this place. Especially when Jay and the kids get their hands on it!

Kendall ~ The chick behind Central Park Farms