I was once the locavor's worst enemy

As some of our regular customers may already know, last June I took the leap from the corporate world into full-time farming.

But, what you may not know is my corporate career made me a huge hypocrite of the local food movement.

I was... *cue the Jaw's theme song*... the Operation Manager of a multination third party logistics company. Or for a less technical explanation, I oversaw the movement of thousands of trailer loads full of food moving all over North America.

And, I was pretty darn good at it.

In my 9 years in the industry I shipped products for all the top dogs -- The Loblaws, Wal-Marts, Pepsis, and Nestles of the world. I shipped prepackaged breakfast sandwiches for the largest coffee retailer in the world all the way from Illinois to Winnipeg, as if you couldn't find an egg and a hunk of sausage closer.

I was the locavor's worst enemy.

But, I must say this is a huge part of why I urge people to support local. I know exactly how far the products in our grocery store have traveled. I know how long it takes to get that steak from the processing plant, onto the transport truck, into the distribution center, onto the next truck, and into your local grocery store. And, somehow we still think it's 'fresh'?!

I wanted to break that cycle for my own family which lead me to my goal of helping those in my community take control of the food they consume.

Once I started this journey it became clear I couldn't push the local food movement while I was still responsible for moving that load of pork across the continent.

So like all things, I jumped into full-time farming gumboots first and haven't looked back since.

Kendall ~ the chick behind Central Park Farms