The Mother Load

The Mother Load


Larger than our Farmer's Fancy Box -- The Mother Load is truly a freezer filler! By leaving the choice of cuts and products up to your farmer, you'll save money while getting your hands on a collection of prime cuts and customer favourites. Grab a friend to split the bounty of chicken and pork, or keep it all for your larger family. 

At a price of $300, you're guaranteed to be saving at least 10% off the retail price of your variety pack.

Sample Box 1 -- Customer Request: Extra whole chicken, extra pork chops

  • Five packs of boneless pork chops (10 pieces total)

  • Five whole roaster chicken

  • One mini ham

  • Three packs spare ribs

  • One package bone-in, skin on chicken thighs (2 pieces total)

  • One boston butt roast

  • One pork tenderloin

  • One package boneless, skinless chicken breast (2 pieces total)

  • One package bacon

  • One package Mild Italian sausage (4 pieces total)

  • One package chicken wings

  • One package Breakfast sausage (4 pieces total)

Sample Box 2 -- Customer Request: Extra sausage

  • Two whole roaster chicken

  • Three packages of boneless, skinless chicken breasts (6 pieces total)

  • One package of mild gluten-free pepperoni (8 pieces total)

  • One Cured Garlic sausage ring

  • Two packs of baby-back ribs

  • Three packs of bacon

  • Two packs of Banger sausages (8 pieces total)

  • Two package of bone in, skin on chicken thighs (4 pieces total)

  • Two packs of Breakfast sausages (16 pieces total)

  • Three packs of pork chops (6 pieces total)

  • Two packs of Pork & Apple sausages (8 pieces total)

  • One package chicken wings

  • One package Bratwurst Sausages (4 pieces total)

  • One package chicken drumettes

Please noteContents may vary based on inventory and season. We do our best to accommodate special requests when possible -- A customer not liking sausage may choose other cuts or if you're a larger family we will work to make sure you get enough of each cut to fit your needs. We have some customers who ask that we choose lesser value cuts to extend the value of their mixed box. We also make sure to include top cuts and customer favourites. Please put any special requests in the notes section and we'll do our best to accommodate!

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