Thanksgiving Ham Deposit

Thanksgiving Ham Deposit


If you’re like me, and prefer ham to turkey for your Thanksgiving meal or you plan to serve both like we do for our family, then be sure to put your deposit down for one of our hams because we always sell out during the holidays.

We regularly have customers tell us we have the best ham they’ve ever tasted. And while I’d love to take all the credit, a big thank you goes to our team of butchers at Lepp Farm Market for the wonderful job they do. We put a lot of work into raising quality and delicious meat and they always do it justice!

Our hams are pre-smoked, bone-in, and sell for $7.50/lbs

Please note: This is the deposit only with the balance is due at time of pick up. We will contact you to arrange pickup from one of the four local farmers markets we attend or directly from our farm prior to the holidays.

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