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Our Products

Having started as a part-time venture raising poultry in 2015, Central Park Farms has become a full-time passion project and expanded to add pork, eggs, and beef to the mix.

In early 2017, we acquired 160 acres of bare land in Rock Creek, BC and Central Park Ranch was born. We're excited to add this property to our Black Angus cattle operation.

Regardless of the product, our mission is the same: To provide the best quality of life for our animals, and to give our customers delicious and healthy options to feed their family. We'd love for you to explore our products to find out more information on the ethical and sustainable practices we implement across our farming and ranching operations.


Free Range Chicken

  • Non-GMO -- Our chicken feed contains no corn and no soy

  • Free-Range -- Secure indoor housing with unlimited pasture access

  • Non-medicated

  • Like all chicken raised in Canada, our chicken is hormone-free

  • No antibiotics

  • Air-chilled during processing for superior flavour

  • Processed at a federally and provincially inspected plant

Free Range Chicken Pricing:

Smoked Whole Chickens $7/lbs

Chicken Sausages (Gluten and Dairy Free) $11/pack

  • Coconut Curry

  • Chicken & Apple

  • Sicilian Chicken

Chicken Farmers Sausage $12.50/lbs

Dry Red Wine Chicken Chorizo $15/lbs

Chicken Pepperoni $11/pack

Chicken Backs $2/lbs

Whole Roaster Chickens $4.50/lbs

Half Chickens $4.50/lbs

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $12/lbs

Bone-in, Skin-on Chicken Breasts $11/lbs

Bone-in, Skin-on Chicken Thighs $8.50/lbs

Chicken Drumsticks $5/lbs

Chicken Wings $7/lbs

Ground White Meat Chicken $13.50/lbs

Ground Chicken Thigh Meat $11/lbs

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Pasture Raised Eggs

There really is nothing better than farm fresh eggs! Which is part of the reason we can hardly keep up with the demand.

Our hens are given plenty of space in the pasture and room to roost in their secure coop -- There are absolutely no cages for our girls! When chickens get to live a natural life on pasture they provide better tasting and healthier eggs for us to enjoy.

Like all the chickens here at Central Park Farms, our flock of layers are fed a non-GMO diet free of animal by-products -- That along with some veggie scraps, grass, and any critters they can scratch up from their pasture. It's this high-quality diet that gives us our nutrient rich eggs.

Please note, in a bid to reduce our farm waste, we recycle our egg cartons so we'd greatly appreciate if you can bring them back with you when you come get your next order. Let's work together to reduce what ends up in the landfill.

Pasture Raised Egg Price: $7/dozen


Pasture Raised Pork

  • Pasture Raised -- Our pigs have lots of room to dig

  • Non-medicated

  • We utilize a food waste program helping reduce the amount of spoiled food going into the landfill

  • Our pigs are fed a diet that includes no commercially produced grain (except for pregnant/lactating sows). They're fed a diet of granola, nuts, spent brewery grains, fruits and vegetables.

We sell our pasture raised pork by the cut at local farmers markets, in our mixed meat boxes, and a limited number by the side. 

We rotate our pigs using movable fencing so they are able to have access to fresh land to root and till in and in turn they improve the quality and health of our land. 

Unlike some other farms, we welcome you to come take a look at our pigs so you can see the wonderful environment they're raised in. 

Pasture Raised Pork Pricing:

Pork Schnitzel (Unbreaded) $12/lbs

Smoked Pork Hock $7/lbs

Raw Pork Sausages $10/pack of 4

  • Breakfast

  • Pork & Apple

  • Bangers

  • Bratwurst

  • Mild Italian

  • Spicy Italian

Garlic Sausage Ring $11/lbs

Pork Farmers Sausage $11/lbs

Bavarian Smokies $11/lbs

Cured Chorizo $14/lbs

Mild Pepperoni $10/pack

Honey Garlic Pepperoni $10/pack

* All sausages are gluten and dairy free, for more information see our FAQ

Pork Chops $12/lbs

Bacon $13/lbs

Back Bacon $14/lbs

Lean Ground Pork $8.50/lbs

Bulk Ground Chorizo $12/lbs

Bulk Ground Breakfast Sausage $12/lbs

Boston Butt Roast $10/lbs

Boneless Pork Loin Roast $16/lbs

Bone In Pork Loin Roast $15/lbs

Bone-In Ham $10/lbs

Boneless Nugget Ham $8.50/lbs

Pork Shoulder Steaks $12/lbs

Spare Ribs $10/lbs

Pork Tenderloin $16/lbs

Baby Back Ribs $14/lbs

Pork Belly $13/lbs


Grass Fed Black Angus Beef

We've all been hearing the buzz recently that grass-fed beef is the healthy way to get your red meat fix. By what many large commercial operations fail to share is that grass-fed, doesn't necessarily mean grass finished. At Central Park Farms, we never send our cows to the feed lot and instead finish them right here on the ranch on a grass diet to give you truly grass-fed beef!

We handle all aspects of breeding and calving to insure the high-quality of our Black Angus beef.

Grass Fed Beef Pricing:

Cross Rib Roast $11/lbs

Short Ribs $9/lbs

Stewing Beef $10.50/lbs

Ground Beef $9.50/lbs

Beef Burgers (Gluten Free and Dairy Free) $31/ 8 pack & $15.50/ 4 pack

Beef Dinner Sausages (Gluten and Dairy Free) $13/lbs

Cured Beef Ring (Gluten and Dairy Free) $14/lbs

All Beef Hot Dogs (Gluten and Dairy Free) $14/ 8 pack

Beef Jerky $15/ pack

Beef Tenderloin Steak $38/lbs

Cowboy Cut Ribeye Steak $25/lbs

Ribeye $27/lbs

New York Strip $26/lbs

Top Sirloin $21/lbs

Beef Skirt Steak $14/lbs

Flank Steak $16/lbs

Boneless Brisket $11/lbs

Prime Rib Roast $22/lbs

Inside Round Roast $11/lbs

Boneless Chuck Blade Roast $11/lbs

Vancouver Prepared Foods

Prepared Foods Line

Out of sheer necessity caused by long hours working on the farm, we partnered with local chef Adrian Beaty to develop a line of frozen prepared foods expertly crafted using our ethically raised meats and other local ingredients. Pop one of our frozen meals into the oven and within the hour, dinner is done — It’s just like home cooking only easier!

All meals are made without preservatives or unnecessary ingredients, just meat, vegetables, spices, and in some cases cream.

Non-GMO Free Range Chicken Pot Pie: Individual $6.95

Non-GMO Fed, Free Range Chicken Pot Pie: Regular $16.95

Non-GMO Fed, Free Range Chicken Pot Pie: Large $39.95

Grass Fed Beef Shepard’s Pie: Individual $6.95

Grass Fed Beef Shepard’s Pie: Regular $16.95

Grass Fed Beef Lasagna: Individual $8.95

Grass Fed Beef Lasagna: Regular $19.95

Chicken Broth: 1L Pack $9.95

Our prepared food line has turned into customer favourites for those busy weekday meals when you’re looking for a healthy dinner but don’t have the time to cook from scratch.