Laying Hens

Please note, do to the growth of our business, we’ve decided to step away from selling laying hens in 2019 and focus on the main portion of our farm: pasture raised, grass fed, and free range meat. Thank you for your understanding. We will update this page if or when that changes.

Starting each February through to the end of the summer, Central Park Farms offers point-of-lay hens for sale to farmers and backyard chicken keepers throughout the Fraser Valley and Vancouver.

Our birds are a hybrid brown egg layer that stem from a Rhode Island Red, so they are heavy producers of large brown eggs.

As with all our birds, they're fed a locally produced non-GMO feed along with anything they can scratch at while on pasture.

The benefits of purchasing through from Central Park Farms:

  • Ready-to-Lay -- No need to raise up and feed chicks that aren't yet producing

  • We follow strict bio-security measures to insure a healthy flock

  • Unlike large hatcheries there are no minimum orders through our farm

  • Price breaks available at 5+, 10+, and 15+ hens

  • Since they're point-of-lay hens they are sexed so you don't need to deal with unwanted roosters

  • Fed a high quality non-GMO fed with no animal byproducts

If you're lucky enough to live in a city that allows backyard chickens or you're looking to add some birds to your property in the ALR for a property tax break, give us a call to find out more about our flock of hens.