How do I get my hands on your ethically raised meat?

You can also find us at various farmers’ markets throughout the Fraser Valley, Vancouver, New Westminster, and the Tri-Cities

Alternatively, we are by appointment for pick up from the farm but do keep in mind that with 2 to 4 farmers markets weekly, there are many times that we are away from the farm so please contact us to arrange.

For a full list retail partners we work with check out ‘Where to Find Us’.



What is free range?

Normally found when dealing with chicken, pork, and eggs. Free range animals are raised free of cages and provided access to the outdoors.

Central Park Farms’ chicken is free range with unlimited outdoor pasture access once they're old enough to handle outdoor temperatures.



Do you give your animals antibiotics?

No we don’t — Central Park Farms’ free range chicken, eggs, pork, and beef is antibiotic free. We will not however refuse treatment of a sick animal, we just simply do not sell that meat to our customers. For more information on what happens if we have a sick animal check out our blog post, But, what happens if someone get’s sick?


Do you give your animals hormones?


In Canada, no hormones are permitted by law to be given to chickens or hogs. So all chicken and pork grown in Canada — Central Park Farms’ meat included — is hormone free.

However, a lot of chicken and pork sold in grocery stores is imported from other countries, in which case it may have added hormones.

In Canada, hormones are permitted in beef cows; however we choose to raise hormone-free beef.

Central Park Farms chicken, pork, beef, and eggs are all hormone free!



What do you feed your chickens?

Our poultry — both our meat birds and our egg layers — are fed a locally milled, non-GMO, soy-free, and corn-free feed.

Aside from their non-GMO feed, they also consume anything they can scratch up from their pasture including grass and bugs. So although our feed is free of any animal by-products, due to their ability to eat bugs and grubs our chickens are not vegetarian and naturally as omnivores, they shouldn't be.



What do you mean by no animal by-products in the feed?

Some feeds contain animal by products such as tallow — animal fat — and/or meat and bonemeal. The only animal byproduct in our feed is the free choice ground oyster shells we give to our egg laying chickens to improve their calcium levels to aid in egg shell production.

That said, our chickens are not vegetarian and that’s a good thing! Chickens are naturally omnivores and our birds enjoy bugs found in their pasture.

Do your cows get any grain?

Our beef is 100% grass fed, zero grain is given at any point during their lives. The only cattle on our farm who receive any grain is our lactating breeding cows on occasion after the birth of new calves and that is only to make sure they receive the nutrition they need to produce enough milk for their calves. The grain is very limited and these cows do not go into our beef program.

All beef you purchase from us is from 100% grass fed, grain-free cattle.

We feed our cattle quality, high-protein alfalfa which helps give them a better fat marble than traditional grass fed beef raised on low quality grass/hay.



Where are your animals processed?

All our animals are processed at federally and provincially inspected plants in the Fraser Valley and butchered locally by the team at Lepp Farm Market.


Are your products gluten free and dairy free?

Yes, all products sold by Central Park Farms (aside from our prepared food line with Chef Adrian Beaty) are gluten free and dairy free. This includes our sausages, hamburger patties, and pepperoni. Please be aware however that our butcher shop is not a gluten free or dairy free facility so we cannot guarantee our products haven't inadvertently come in contact with gluten or dairy.