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Pasture Raised Eggs

There really is nothing better than farm fresh eggs! Which is part of the reason we can hardly keep up with the demand.

Our hens are given plenty of space in the pasture and room to roost in their secure coop -- There are absolutely no cages for our girls! When chickens get to live a natural life on pasture they provide better tasting and healthier eggs for us to enjoy.

Like all the chickens here at Central Park Farms, our flock of layers are fed a non-GMO diet free of animal by-products -- That along with some veggie scraps, grass, and any critters they can scratch up from their pasture. It's this high-quality diet that gives us our nutrient rich eggs.

Please note, in a bid to reduce our farm waste, we recycle our egg cartons so we'd greatly appreciate if you can bring them back with you when you come get your next order. Let's work together to reduce what ends up in the landfill.