Links I love - Farm style

I wasn't born a farmer. I didn't grow up with a green thumb. And, as my other-half Big Jay can attest to, I'm rather attached to the wonderful world which lies just beyond the golden gates of Google. I mean learning to farm pretty much consists of repeating 'WTF' over and over until you figure it out. It's unpredictable! I'm so lucky I happened to have found myself a burly farm boy to help me along the way.

But, this wanna-be-farm-girl can't always rely on the boy... after all I do rather enjoy the 'Hurrah' of figuring things out on my own.

I'm sharing this with you because every once in a while I'm going to log into my little, tiny, corner of the internet and share with you some of the wonderful, beautiful, informative gems I've found during my travels though the internet.

These are the Links I love -- Farm Style!


Oh my gosh ya'll check out this DIY Strawberry Sugar Scrub from the talented gal over at The Gunny Sack.

Sugar and coconut oil?! You'll be sloughing off that dry winter skin in no time!

I'm loving this as a nice gift for your favourite girl friends to show a little love for Valentine's Day.


So I already bake my Central Park Farms' bacon in the oven but hardboiled eggs? Say, what?!

Hardboiled eggs are a simple and healthy protein addition for kids lunches and I love them with a little avocado on toast. Yummy

I've got to try this one out and see how it goes.


Although we do have on-farm composters in the form of our pigs and layer chickens who often score themselves the left over scraps from our garden, composting to build strong, nutrient-rich soil is so important.

Regardless of the size of your home you should be growing a garden -- Even an apartment dweller can grow vegetables in pots on the patio, or even micro-greens and fresh herbs on a windowsill.

One of the keys to good growth is great soil, so one Pretty Handy Girl is teaching you some composting basics on her blog.

What farming or homesteading topic has peaked your interest lately?

Kendall ~ The chick behind Central Park Farms