BC Young Farmers Spring Farm Tour May 31, 2019

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Join BC Young Farmers for their free Spring Farm Tour and have a chance to meet and network with other local farmers under 40.

One thing I’ve learned these last few years as a farm owner and operator it’s that we simply cannot be in this alone. Having peers and friends in farming means you have a sounding board who understands the stress, someone who might have a different way of doing things that you can learn from… heck in my case, someone I can shoot a photo of a potential animals health issue to for a second opinion.

But in the thick of busy season it can be tough to find the time to network or even know how to go about it.

On May 31st, BC Young Farmers are hosting their Spring Farm Tour & Social.

1st Stop: Berezan Shrimp

The Berezan Shrimp Company is a Canadian owned and operated family business.  Passionate about protecting our earth’s natural ecosystems, our company has built the most technologically advanced land-based farm for seafood production and supply in the world, one that doesn’t impact our oceans (or our environment) at any stage of production.

We are located in Langley, B.C., which is 25 kilometers inland from the Pacific Ocean.  Designed to produce 100 metric tonnes of shrimp each year, our closed-containment farm is 100% sustainable and is a prototype for the future.

Our passionate, dynamic team is comprised of aquaculture professionals with world-class experience in marine biology, agriculture, aquaculture enterprise and supply chain logistics.

2nd Stop: Central Park Farms

After struggling to get answers on where our food was coming from and how it was being raised we set out to get the answers the only way we could, by raising it ourselves. Now, it’s become our goal to help our community make ethical and sustainable food choices.

We believe raising our animals right and feeding them a high-quality diet leads to the finest meat that you can feel good about feeding to your family. Our meat is free of antibiotics and hormones and our animals are raised in a manner that supports their unique physiological needs.

Having started with our non-GMO fed, free-range chicken in 2015, we soon moved into non-medicated pasture raised pork, followed by eggs from our pasture-raised hens, and new in 2018 our grass-fed and grass-finished Black Angus beef.

We believe in transparency over certifications – You want to know how our animals are raised? We welcome your questions, encourage visits to the farm, and open the doors through our social media. We want you to know the farmers behind your meals.

3rd Stop/Social: Fraser Valley Cider Company

After the tours, pop into our neighbouring cidery to enjoy complimentary charcuterie and glasses of local cider for sale. Take time to network and develop friendships with other farmers under 40.

The tour is free, but registration is required so be sure to email info@bcyf.ca to get your name on the list.

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Kendall Ballantine