Produce Now Available From Inner Peas Market Garden

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It’s that time of year! When greens are ready to harvest and for the first time ever, produce grown on the land of Central Park Farms is available for sale thanks to Farmer Ashlee of Inner Peas Market Garden.

You guys, I had NO idea how much work goes into starting to grow produce on land that has never tended to, but I sure know now. I’ve watched Ashlee bring tractor load after tractor load of compost in (yay for making use of all that beautiful compost my animals have been busy making), rake 100’s of feet of beds by hand, plant perhaps a million transplants, test soil for bugs while she gets more familiar with this land, the new home of her farm.

So I’m excited to say that her produce is now available for order online and from our teeny, tiny, farm gate shop! Like, now available as in today — Thursday May 16th from 4pm-8pm. That kinda now.

Since her season is only just beginning quantities will be very limited and as is the case with all local market garden growers, the bounty and variety will increase as we get closer to summer.

Her current offering includes:

  • Red Radishes

  • Astro Arugula

  • Rapini (I tried it for the first time last week and it was so delicious quickly sautéed with some lemon, salt, and pepper)

  • Mescluns Mixed Salad Greens

  • Ruby Streaks Mustard Greens

Plus she has some potted herbs available:

  • Lemon Balm

  • Thyme

  • Oregano

Don’t forget products and inventory will change in some cases weekly so be sure to check our social media, online store, and newsletter for what’ll be fresh this week.

Now, we need your help. As farmers we’ve been chatting a ton lately about food waste and how as businesses we need to do everything we can to reduce it, because frankly it’s a monumental issue that goes to the very core of how our society shops and eats — But it also falls on the producers to come up with ways to sell and service their customers in a way that helps reduce it.

In a recent consumer report titled, “The Avoidable Crisis of Food Waste”, researchers revealed, some 4.82 million tonnes of food, or nearly $21 billion worth, is lost or wasted during the processing and manufacturing process. Some 2.38 million tonnes of food, or more than $10 billion worth, is lost at the consumer level. And this is in Canada alone!

Thankfully, in small scale, mixed use farms like ours food waste isn’t as much of an issue. Whatever byproducts of Ashlee’s production can go directly to help feed the chickens and pigs but ideally we want to see all the good produce going to human consumption first.

So, after lots of discussions we’ve decided to really limit the amount in store at any one time so we don’t end up with produce going to waste if not as many shoppers come see us at the farm that day. We also want you to be getting freshly harvested product so this will help us achieve that too. Yet another reason we’re lucky to have the farm gate shop and Inner Peas on the same property — If inventory gets low in the shop, Ashlee has an opportunity to harvest a little more and pop over to ‘deliver’.

Aside from lower inventory, the biggest step we’ll be taking to help reduce wastage, is that we’ll also be offering her produce for sale in our online store. I know you folks are already more than comfortable shopping with us online because every week you knock my socks off with the number of online orders we receive, so I’m hoping the idea catches on with Farmer Ashlee’s produce too.

The best part is, by preordering you not only know she’s going to have the products available for you when you pick up your order but it’ll be freshly harvested from the field that morning.

Have I mentioned lately how excited I am about this girl-farmer collaboration? When protein meets produce magical things happen!

Kendall ~ Boss Chick at Central Park Farms