Back To School Meals Made Easy!

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Please tell me I'm not the only one kind of dreading school lunch making and those rushed weekday meals before kids need to be shuttled to their after-school activities?!


But, not to worry because my dislike for busy school meals means I'm focused on making Central Park Farms the place to go for quick, easy, and healthy options.

School Lunch Options:

  • Our new gluten-free chicken pepperoni is a perfect lunch-time protein addition for your kiddos.

  • We also have pasture-raised pork pepperoni for a nice change.

  • Our various cured sausages including our Pork Garlic Ring, and Pork and Chicken Farmer's Sausage are all nice mild sausages perfect for meat, cheese, and crackers -- A lunch staple in our house.

  • Our boneless nugget hams are fully cured so no cooking needed and can be thinly sliced to make for a much healthier lunch-meat option.

  • Another great lunch-friendly protein selection is our beef jerky.

Bonus: All of these are gluten-free and dairy-free! 

Dinner Options:

  • Did you hear that we've recently expanded on our Prepared Meal Line with Chef Adrian Beaty?! Made with our high-quality meat and local ingredients, we now carry multiple options including Chicken Pot Pie, Shepard's Pie, and Lasagna. Just pop in the oven from frozen and you have a better-than-homemade meal in no time!

  • We now offer un-breaded pork schnitzel perfect for a super quick meal.

  • Looking for simple? Look no further than our boneless hams, since they're cured it's only a matter of heating through in the oven. (P.S. we regularly have customers telling us our ham is the best they've ever had!)

  • Sunday dinners are made for whole roasted chicken. I promise it's so much easier that it might seem and when you're done you have left overs to make chicken sandwiches for Monday's school lunch... I'm all about making meals stretch!

  • Our gluten-free all beef hamburger patties make for a speedy meal on busy nights.

  • Or grab any of our ground meats including our beef, pork, or chicken and simply fry it up and add it to your favourite pasta sauce for a healthy protein addition to your dinner.

  • Our pre-made chicken broth makes healthy soups in a flash. My favourite is a classic egg drop soup.


My promise to you? I will ALWAYS work to try and bring you simple and healthy foods for your family. 

Why? Because my family needs them too!


Kendall ~ Boss Chick at Central Park Farms

Kendall Ballantine